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Sana Vida , borderless healthcare hereby announces that from June 1, 2018 we no longer work together with ms Margaret Krijnen, Health Care Connect, AVE/BeterGezond ( orthopedics ), The Mittsu Institute (plastic & cosmetic surgery) Alegria Health and Mydeya.
Sana Vida dissociates itself from all propositions and (possible) cooperation with our Portuguese partners and relations in which all above mentioned partners are involved. Explicitly Sana Vida expresses the fact that from this date on all mentioned parties are no longer allowed to include Sana Vida, its name and its programs and developments in any of their activities. All rights are reserved. Sana Vida has the sole ownership to the Sana Vida trademark and copyright on our various programs and intellectual capital. Every use by the former partners of our materials, programs and intellectual capital will be regarded as an infringement upon those rights and are liable for prosecution by our joined   Portuguese and Dutch Lawyers.


In 2012 Sana Vida started our Health Tourism formula for two important reasons
1 – We wanted to realize a possibility for healthcare depending clients to come to the Portuguese Algarve in an affordable way
2 – We wanted to promote Health tourism to the Portuguese Algarve for West European clients.
3- We wanted to show the world that the way the Dutch healthcare system operates is not our way: We chose social entrepreneurship instead of the Dutch relentless run for patients and money.

Sana Vida organized several trips and visits for Dutch medical professionals and introduced them in our network, without letting them sign official agreements up front.   For several reasons we no longer work together with all earlier mentioned parties. It’s obviously much more lucrative for Dutch medical professionals just   to incorporate one main Portuguese liaison of Sana Vida instead of working with Sana Vida itself . Furthermore Sana Vida has a complete different insight in goals and strategy and therefore our future Marketing & Communication. The initial goals and strategy for which Sana Vida invited the Dutch partners to join us, are completely different from their intentions and Sana Vida no longer sees common goals and objectives in these partnerships.


Of course this results in a set back in time for Sana Vida. At the moment we are in the process of connecting and building with new Portuguese, Dutch and other international partners for our ‘restart’. This restart focusses on the original health tourism formula. We invite all potential and existing relations to work with us. Every (new) relation will be built upon firm and mutually beneficial agreements and a solid base.
Please contact Sana Vida   by email or our contact form on the website (Dutch:, English : if you are interested in such a companionship.
Our tip: just compare our 4 basic promises for a companionship towards ‘other parties’ and their intentions.

Base for Sana Vida working with Portuguese medical partners

  • Sana Vida is explicitly NOT targeting the residents and population of the Portuguese Algarve. It’s a health tourism formula. Therefore we will add business to the Algarve instead of taking away business from the surgeons and doctors already active in the Algarve. If Algarve inhabitants of all nationalities contact us, we’ll put our Portuguese surgical partner in the lead. This is the only way in which Sana Vida’s tourism partners can also benefit from our business proposition.
  • Sana Vida wants to work with both Lusiadas, HPA Saude and every other (future) hospital instead of letting them compete against each other. At the moment operating facilities in Holland are between 850 and 950 for each operating hour (anesthetist , nursing, cleaning inclusive) A total hip replacement in Holland is covered by healthcare insurance and they financially compensate the medical company/surgeons for € 9500.-
    In Holland independent surgeons pay so called ‘Passantentarieven’ for operating rooms in private facilities. Hospitals do not offer their facilities because of the enormous shortage in available operating room personnel.
    In complete openness and insights in all costs we want to equally share the price advantages and profits with our new Portuguese partners. Therefore I’ve included a pdf file (click here ) with all details, costs and benefits of the business model of Dutch surgeons. (it’s a safe pdf, please ask if you need more information)
  • We do not seek for Portuguese Ordem dos Médicos registered Portuguese surgeons just for a pro forma officially signing of on an operation completely performed by a Dutch surgeon. We want both surgeons really working and operating together. The Portuguese ODM has a strict ruling about the necessary Portuguese language skills of any foreign doctor. When , in time, our Dutch surgeons possibly successfully complete the language test, Sana Vida will still continue to work together with our Portuguese partners.
    We will not participate in any construction in which Portuguese medical personnel (hospitals, surgeons, doctors, nurses etc.) can be held officially responsible (just by signing of and not participating) for any possible medical errors made by a Dutch or other   international surgeon. Although such mistakes are rare, they can always happen with all the judicial consequences.

D-     We can and will not participate in any financial construction in which a medical professional, active in the Algarve, Holland or any other country, is financially compensated by us for just referring a client to Sana Vida. This construction is illegal in Holland and we’ll never pay for such compensations. Of course we want to actively involve any referring doctor in the whole procedure.   Logically this doctor will send his invoice to the client in question and not to Sana Vida. This way there can never be any misunderstanding in the justification of any referral.

Those are the four most important open and honest conditions under which we are open for any partnership in doing medical tourism business in the Algarve.
As mentioned before, we ‘ll need some time, effort and new partnerships to realize this very different market approach. We ask you for your understanding.
Besides sending this information to all our partners we also officially informed the Ordem dos Médicos in Lisbon of the current situation..